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Welcome to ProAir Paint Contractors

ProAir Paint Contractors is committed to excellence, customer care and exceptional performance for commercialindustrial and residential exterior and roof painting projects - 
in Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria and nationwide, from R 25 - R 30 per m2.

When we spray instead of brush paint, we use the latest airless spray guns which are imported from France, to spray paint roofs and exterior walls, giving an even layer of paint and ensures no paint wastage.

We offer a comprehensive service: 
Before painting commences, repairs such as waterproofing and rust treatment are attended to. The repair process is followed by a cleaning process, where the roof or walls are cleaned with an ultra high pressure cleaner, or steel brushes, to remove loose paint and dirt, depending on the type of surface.

We do disinfecting of buildings and workplaces

We use Ultra High Pressure technology, spraying in excess of 200 Bar pressure.


Coldrooms & Packhouses

  • Time Saving: Covering 2 000 m2 per day
  • Cost Effective:  No paint wastage & less electricity bills
  • Quality:  High quality finish, durable and fluently
  • Energy Efficient:  Decrease with up to 8° Celsius
  • Durable: A rust resistant, protective paint layer

Commerical & Industrial

  • We can cover up to 2 000 m2 per day
  • New building projects, malls, colleges, schools, high-rise buildings, factories & packhouses
  • Repairs - including to Chromadek
  • Damp and waterproofing
  • Eco3 Epoxy for industrial applications




  • Painting of tile and zinc roofs
  • Painting of exterior & interior walls
  • Cleaning and painting of paving
  • Cleaning of cement tiles
  • Damp and waterproofing

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for exceptional performance:


  • Energy efficient: we can lower the temperature in your factory or packhouse by 8 degrees Celsius
  • Quicker, time saving: on average it takes only one day to repaint your roof
  • Economical, cost effective: there is no paint wastage
  • Less labour: fewer people in your yard
  • Less electricity: a thicker and even coat of paint provides better insulation in summer and winter
  • High quality finish, more durable: the coating has excellent exterior durability and is resistant to water and alkali
  • Comes with a 12 year Product Quality Guarantee (product dependant)


  • Worksmanship is guaranteed for 5 years
  • Guarantees on paint are as per manufacturers' specifications
  • All guarantees for surfaces painted before will be be dependant on the quality history of work done before